English Femdom Mistress Deelight, Supreme Goddess and Strict Dominatrix. I live in and love the world of kink and BDSM, so here you will find a variety of movie clips created in real time sessions or filmed in POV style, to cover lots of filthy, fun fetishes.

Do not be fooled by my striking blonde looks, hypnotic eyes and sweet smile! These are my weapons of destruction, I will use my body, curves, eyes and mind to lure in you in and wrap you around my little finger, before I ruin you verbally and physically. I am your bitter-sweet seductress.

I have enjoyed BDSM and the Fetish Scene for over 17 years. Starting as a submissive girl myself, I am able to empathise your desires. I eventually discovered and developed my inner Domina. I love nothing more than to use restraints and ropes to ensure my slaves are kept in place whilst they receive their punishments. I have a love for costumes, latex, leather, shoes, lingerie and jewelry. I also like to see my slaves dress up too. I can praise just as well as I can humiliate, please me and your ego will be rubbed. Let me down and you will hear every cold word of my dis-satisfaction.

My techniques are individual to me, and your experience with me will be carefully catered to your fantasies so do not hold back on expressing your desires before we meet or selling yourself to me should you wish to be at my service.

I am a woman of beauty, I will always look my best. My perfectly shaped body, full soft breasts and striking blonde hair combined with stunning clothing will send your pulse racing as you worship at my feet.

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