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Here you'll find clips of me & real time sessions! If there's anything you'd like to see get in touch!

A little about me...

Pro and Findom Goddess. Originally from Newcastle, England. Recently re-located to South Yorkshire. EST 2009. Experienced in most areas of Domination and BDSM including Financial Dominbation, Forced Intoxication, Foot Worship, Heel Worship, sploshing, Pegging, Toe Sucking, Facesetting (clothed), CFNM, CBT, SPH, Sissy Training, Forced Bi, Forced Fem, Wallet drains, Shopping Trips, Public Humiliation, Bullying, Blackmail-(Play only), Role play, Bondage, Spanking, Whipping, Adult Baby, Doggy Play, Branding, Pain, Hair Worship, Cuckolding and more!

I offer real time and online in Newcastle, Sheffield and Rotherham. Double domme is available in both locations,I also do cam and phone sessions for the online subs!

Feel free to message me to order a Custom clip or to book a session with myself!

I look forward to corrupting you and exploiting you.

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If you would like to contact me to purchase a custom clip or book a session please email me on lickablelaura11@hotmail.com

Miss Laura x

Filthy - Forced cum eating with my cuck!

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 3 mins 8 secs

Sexy heel worship with my lucky sub

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 2 mins 5 secs

Smelly socks worn for a week get licked and sniffed!

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 1 mins 26 secs

The Pathetic idiot and the eggs

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 55 seconds

Loser and his girlfriend

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 1 mins 53 secs

Silly slut amusing his goddess

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 1 mins 29 secs

Dave and Stacey get jiggy

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 6 mins 49 secs

Making my drunk slave flush his wife's belongings...

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 28 seconds

Loser piecing his little Cock several times for his Goddess

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 42 seconds

Piercing his skin and showing dedication for his Goddess on a live Skype session !!

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 1 mins 31 secs

He paid 2k for Skype!

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 2 mins 4 secs

Breaking his ass virginity for his Goddess

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 43 seconds

Live Skype humiliation!

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 2 mins 46 secs

Double domme!!! Strap on fun

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 38 seconds

Double domme Cock and ball torture

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 2 mins 12 secs

Double domme Humiliating our loser and his Girlfriend

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 1 mins 37 secs

Double domme ! Loser takes his relationship with Gf to the next level

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 1 mins 21 secs

Spiked boot worship!

Uploaded 23/03/2017, 1 mins 16 secs

Arse and pantyhose worship

Uploaded 30/01/2017, 1 mins 48 secs

Face sitting... i decide when you breathe.

Uploaded 30/01/2017, 2 mins 2 secs

Leaving him wet & humiliated

Uploaded 30/01/2017, 34 seconds

Goddess sprays her Golden nector all over slave

Uploaded 30/01/2017, 1 mins 47 secs

Knee high grey boot worship with masked sub

Uploaded 30/01/2017, 1 mins 37 secs

A broken slave takes more humiliation

Uploaded 16/11/2016, 1 mins 32 secs

Totally humiliated! Must see clip.

Uploaded 16/11/2016, 1 mins 6 secs