Sissy cums twice to fantasies of being bullied and fucked up by their wife

Sissy cums twice to fantasies of being bullied and fucked up by their wife



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Sissy cums twice to fantasies of being bullied and fucked up by their wife's new black bull

After my bull has finished humiliating you, I'm going to let him fuck my unprotected pussy over your broken sissy faggot body. I cannot believe your still here knowing that in a moment my bull will be walking through the front door, angry and frustrated to et at my white womb with his 12-inch black bull cock.

So what is wrong with you? I bully you all the time. I call you names and humiliate you. I rinse your money from you and beat you the fuck up but the worse I am to you the more you want me. It's fucking pathetic. 

You have become such a WIMP since I began cuckolding you, caged in chastity, feminized, you even let me bully you into permanent sterilization, knowing full well your family is desperate for the new generation. They're gonna be so fucked when in 9 months I deliver our new BLACK one.

But here you are jerking your shrimp-dick knowing full well you're about to get beaten up and watch on the floor broken as he mounts your wife and does the job you CAN never accomplish. There will be no point begging me to get him o stop you just need to allow him to finish, the more you try and fight back the worse it will become. Of course, I still love you, but bullying you make me so hot and l
Well, look at you all dressed in a maid outfit. I may be your wife but I am still your BULLY.

how much I want to hurt you and abuse you. You don't get to watch the kind of porn reserved for real men. The porn where girls like me tell guys how much we want to fuck them - take their cocks in our mouths to suck them and make them cum. The porn where we tease with our hot, perfect bodies, our big tits, and sexy little asses. That's for the guys we like - not you.

If we a good cucky, ill allow you to watch your humiliation porn, whilst you listen in your room to the headboard banging against your wall as the real man pounds out my pussy, and you stroke and waste your weak sterile mess onto the floor

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