Prisoner life

Prisoner life



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Boot worship Female Supremacy Femme-Domme Flogging / Whipping Humiliation Pain Punishment Smoking Trampling Whipping
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Mistress Vixen wearing an amazing latex dress extends her arm, her pony boy slave dutifully holds it as she climbs into the carriage he will now pull. Mistress arrives to see yet more slaves still not completing their tasks.

Slaves should have hands that show signs of hard labour, Mistress isn't impressed with this lot, she makes them hold out their hands on the hard concrete path so she can walk on their palms, grinding their knuckles painfully into the floor. With their hands punished Mistress then proceeds to walk up and down the line of slaves, using their backs as her footpath, some lovely crunching noises apparently.

Mistress next gives each of the slaves a severe beating with her riding crop and quirt, some nice load heartfelt groans of pain show this is no play beating, Mistress is ensuring the slaves learn their lesson.

Mistress Vixen takes a cigarette break, as is tradition she sits on one, uses a second as an ashtray and has a third clean the soles of her boots. Mistress looks truly regal as this takes place, treating males like this really is just completely natural to Mistress, it is just the way her life is.

The slaves are made to crawl along a concrete path behind their Mistress, like lambs to the slaughter they obediently follow. Each is beaten before being put back to work as Mistress Vixen takes her slave powered carriage back to her house.

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